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Crunchy Owl Mama Creations

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Contact: Alisha Wallace

A wide variety of all natural/organic products handmade with love. We offer household cleaners, body butters, diaper rash creams that are cloth safe, organic anti-aging sunblock safe for all ages, unpaper towels and much, much more!

All products are packaged so that every product you open makes you feel like you are opening a gift!

Household cleaners will clean just about any surface including furniture as well as if not better than mainstream cleaners, just without all the harmful chemicals! Safe for the environment, babies and pets!  These cleaners work by dissolving harmful bacteria while leaving good healthy bacteria in tact. Which fights off new bacteria from forming. Therefore, these cleaners will continue to clean your surfaces long after you've cleaned them! The best part aside from the safety and effectiveness of these cleaners, is the smell! You can choose from a variety of scents to make your home smell delicious while you are cleaning! The smell lingers for hours after you've finished and people will wonder if you are burning scented wax when all you did was wipe down your kitchen counters!

Body butters/Cloth safe diaper creams:
his butter is velvety on your skin. It takes over 24 hours for me to perfect before passing along to you and it's smooth, grainless and non-greasy.
Compare it to CJ's Butter
12 dollars will buy you a large 4oz jar which lasts me months!
With it's antimicrobial,anti-bacterial properties it fights infection, heals wounds, burns and rashes and the compounds of this butter actually accelerate skin growth and renewal. Perfect for any skin ailment. From everyday diaper rashes, skin rashes, cuts, scrapes, and burns to more serious conditions like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.
The medium chain fatty acids are easily absorbed and strengthen connective tissue, helps with exfoliation, stimulates thyroid function, and helps cholesterol to be converted into anti-aging steroids that lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Very little of this product goes a long way because it is 100% water FREE. Traditional lotions and body butters contain water. Since your skin is unable to preform osmosis, it is unable to absorb any lotion or cream that is water-based. Go ahead and have a look at your favorite lotion or cream. If you see water listed as your first ingredient, 90% of what you apply is being wiped off and evaporated.
My butter, which is oil and shea based, can penetrate even the deepest layers of your dermis, which promotes the healing process.

Check out our facebook page or website to read more about our wonderful products!

Area Served: United States with delivery to the NoCo areas.
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