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Homebirth Cesarean International (HBCI)

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Homebirth Cesarean (HBC) is the name given to a planned out-of-hospital birth that ends in a hospital cesarean. While the percentage of women who go from having a homebirth to a cesarean is small, their stories and experiences are nonetheless powerful and important. Homebirth Cesarean International offers support and advocacy to homebirth cesarean women, partners, families, and birth workers around the world.

HBCI's mission statement:

Homebirth Cesarean International (HBCI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to promote awareness, healing and support for women whose planned out-of-hospital births ended in the operating room. HBCI envisions a world where women birth their children with dignity and power, even on the operating table.

We accomplish our mission through the following activities:

  • Providing families with peer support and research-based information about the homebirth cesarean experience.
  • Educating birth professionals and care providers on best practices and research-based methodologies that can help mitigate the potential trauma of an unplanned cesarean.
  • Developing postpartum care protocols to facilitate the mental and physical healing process.
Area Served: International

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