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•I’m a Multipreneur. I have a hard time doing just ONE thing so I offer photography, videography, placenta encapsulation & jewelry, handmade balms (as gifts), photographer business templates, birth related onesies, etc… Oh, and I’m going back to school now too!
•I’ve been an Entrepreneur most of my adult life, but I long for a job that gets me out of the house and where I don’t have to be my own boss (although I normally love working for myself!).
•Being in front of the camera makes me uncomfortable. This photo is a few years old!
•My whole heart goes into my work, I only photograph what I’m truly passionate about!
•I love to learn, and love to teach others what I learn!
•I’m a type A introvert. ISTJ, specifically.
•I’ve considered myself a photographer most of my life, it’s always been the core of me.

I am starting a new career as a Radiographer! It’s photography, but for bones. My decision to go back to school was a tough one but it’s been great to force myself out of the comfort of my home (and home-based business). Since I’ve made a drastic career change it’s forced me to prioritize my business. I now only offer photography on a very limited basis, and my main focus is my baby apparel and Placenta Encapsulation services.