I take pride in offering a great service to Cheyenne & Northern Colorado moms! If you’re interested in booking placenta encapsulation services after reading through the details, contact me for a consultation! I offer consultations in my home (or over the phone if you’re long distance) to go over all the details, when payment is due, when to call, when I come, risks/benefits, etc. I pick up and drop off the placenta for you so the process can be as stress-free as possible. I also offer colored/flavored capsules for those who prefer not to see any placenta powder.

If you want to see my set up and step by step how it’s done, click HERE. To answer your basic questions, click on each tab below.


What is it?


Placentophagy is the act of eating your placenta. Because the thought of eating your placenta makes many moms squeamish, encapsulation is the alternative. Your placenta is made into powder form and put into capsules for consumption. I now offer BERRY and LIME flavored capsules for those who don’t want to taste (or see) any placenta powder!

How's it Done?

There are 2 basic methods to encapsulate your placenta; Steaming or the Raw prep.

In the Steaming method,  the placenta is rinsed and excess blood is rinsed out and it’s lightly steamed on both sides. It is said that the steaming process can make certain properties of the placenta more bioavailable to you (just as eating kale has different properties steamed vs raw). Of course, none of this has been proven in studies so you need to do your own research and decide for yourself which method is best for you. After it’s been steamed, it’s sliced into thin strips and placed in a food dehydrator for 14-20 hours. Once the placenta is fully dry, it’s ground into a powder and placed into capsules for consumption. The pills are put into a glass jar, labeled with instructions, and ready for you to use!  My goal is to have your pills back to you by 24 hours after I receive it.

The Raw Prep Method skips the steaming process altogether (not to be confused with a raw food diet, I still dehydrate at 160 degrees!). I rinse the placenta, slice it thin and dehydrate. The benefit to doing the Raw process is that you will yield more capsules and they will be more potent so you likely won’t have to take as many. Many clients say that they have a lot more energy with the Raw capsules. The downfall is that they could possibly be TOO strong, or some of the nutrients may not be as easily absorbed as with Traditional method. Of course, this decision must be made by you only and there are no scientific studies to prove the pros or cons of each method. I have had more and more people choose this method and are very happy they did because their capsules lasted longer and they noticed a significant difference in days when they took a Raw capsule versus Traditional capsule.

I also offer Placenta Tinctures where I remove a small section of your placenta and place it in a 2oz or 4oz dropper bottle with an alcohol solution. Tinctures are ready to consume 6 weeks later and are perfect for when you run out of pills. Take a dropper of the tincture solution under your tongue or in a glass of juice during times of stress or blues. I highly suggest the tincture add-on because it never loses potency over time. You can save it for later in life (menopause!), or if you’re experiencing a drop in your milk supply and have already used your pills up.


The reported benefits of placentophagy include balancing hormones, replenished iron stores, reduced post partum bleeding, increased energy and mood, and increased milk production.  Studies and surveys have shown that the most common benefits that women experience are improved mood, and increased energy and milk production.

There is science and research on the hormonal and nutritional components of the placenta, and it only makes sense that consuming it would be beneficial. Each woman’s placenta will be unique to her and cannot be replicated by modern medicine or herbal supplements! Every woman will experience different benefits, and it’s possible you may not notice any at all. Because it hasn’t been highly studied, most women like to research it on their own and decide based on experiences of others. There’s no way to know which, if any, benefits a mother will experience so choosing to encapsulate is something each mother needs to research and decide for herself.

If you are interested in the research and studies, check out THIS LINK for a detailed survey, and the Placenta Benefits info page which has many different excerpts from various studies. (I am not affiliated with Placenta Benefits in any way). THIS blog was recently published talking about the recent news that placenta encapsulation has no science behind it. THIS is a great link with the specific details of many of the hormones and benefits that the placenta has, along with excerpts from the original studies. Page 16 of THIS page shows a small study done too. There are so so many testimonies from people who have done it themselves; a quick google search will give you tons of information to sort through!  HERE is another good article about PE.  If you are bold, post a status about it on facebook and I bet you’ll find friends have done it too!


The unknown. Since encapsulation hasn’t been thoroughly studied, there are no clear answers to that question. Each placenta is different and custom to each pregnancy. The effects of consumption vary from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy, therefore it’s almost impossible to know if consuming the placenta could potentially have a negative effect (even as minor as headaches). I encourage everyone to do their own research and make the decision for themselves. When doing my research I found so many positive experiences that I wanted to take the risk and find out for myself. I would rather have encapsulated and notice no effects at all than NOT encapsulated and never know if it could have helped.

About your Specialist


My interest in Placentophagy came when doing research while pregnant with my first son in 2006. Unfortunately, the hospital wouldn’t release my placenta to me. I suffered silently with PPD for the first year of his life. At the time, I didn’t know anyone who had personally consumed their placenta or who was familiar with encapsulation; my plan was to consume it in smoothies and never tell a soul!

With my second son, I chose to do the process myself for lack of specialists in the area. I can say from a first-hand experience that I am so glad I chose encapsulation. I had more energy and never experienced the same level of baby blues and PPD I did with my first. I only needed to consume it for the first 2 weeks and froze the remaining capsules (only 10!) for Menopause. Although it’s possible to do yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. The last thing I wanted to do 24 hours post partum was to spend hours encapsulating my placenta!

I bought all the supplies I would need, including an Excalibur dehydrator, steam pot, capsule machine, and grinder. My intentions were to begin offering it to others in the area, but with a 3-year-old and new baby, it just wasn’t do-able. We bought our own house and had the kitchen remodeled a year later, which gave me the countertop space I needed to finally offer it. I was still referring my Birth and Fresh48 clients out at the time until 2 of my clients were left last minute with no encapsulation specialist. I decided it was time that I get my act together so I could be Cheyenne’s best and ONLY encapsulation specialist. I take pride in my services and only offer a service when I can offer the very best. I use 250cc amber glass jars with professionally printed labels that contain all the details you need. Your capsules are counted and put in the jar which is then put in a gift bag with your free gifts (I love offering practical free gifts for all my clients!).

I used a professionally written instruction manual to encapsulate my own placenta (in 2010) and have since researched further and observed other specialists. I have taken a bloodborne pathogens course in accordance with the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. I follow OSHA standards for cleanliness, food handling, and disinfection and only work on 1 placenta at a time so you can be sure your placenta is in good hands.  I use an Excalibur food dehydrator with stainless trays and parchment paper, a disposable cutting board, and stainless steel steamer and colander that can be cleaned with a 1:10 bleach solution as required by OSHA. Every placenta is treated as if it could have a bloodborne pathogen, the highest safety measures are always taken to protect my clients and my family. I am always researching and keeping myself up-to-date with current placenta encapsulation research or trends and updating my business to reflect the latest information. For example, I used to use ginger and lemon while steaming the placenta, and I now choose to use pure water and not add anything that could possibly alter the properties of the placenta.


How to Book


If you decide to book me, a $50 deposit and contract signing are required to ensure availability. You may email me beforehand with any additional questions or to ensure availability. The order form can be found online here: http://www.nocoplacentaencapsulation.com/shop/placenta-encapsulation-services-deposit/  If you are in Colorado, please contact me first as I’m only taking limited CO clients. Contract and deposit can be done 100% online! Last minute requests for services are taken based on my availability, but cannot be guaranteed without advance notice and deposit.


What's Next?


After you’ve secured your due date with a deposit, you’ll just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Send me a head’s up text when you’re in labor and again once baby is born. If you’re birthing at CRMC, let them know you’ll be keeping the placenta and they will store it safely in a fridge until I come. You’ll just have to sign a consent form before they release it to me and that’s it! I’ll deliver the capsules within 2 days to your location.


What's Included


Your Placenta Encapsulation Service includes pick-up and drop off of your placenta within a 10 mile radius of Cheyenne (there’s a small travel fee for NOCO), the encapsulation process, and a free gift of your choice. Your capsules will be professionally packaged in a sealed amber colored glass jar and instructions, along with your gift.

Free gift choices include: 

•Free gifts are made with the high-quality essential oils, that cannot be named or linked to from my website. You won’t typically find essential oils in healing balms/salves because they’re much more expensive to make than salves with herbal infused oils, but they’re also very strong and must be properly diluted. My recipes were all created by myself based on a 1% dilution which is safe for kids and adults.