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    Steamed (sometimes called Traditional Chinese Medicine method) is the more widely known method. It involves steaming the placenta lightly before dehydrating. The pros of this method are that some of the nutrients are said to be more bioavailable, and the extra potential to kill any bacteria. Raw prep method skips the steaming process. The benefits of this way are that you will get more capsules and they are more potent. The cons are that they may be *too* strong. I have had clients who have done each method and highly recommend the RAW method as they were able to take only 1 capsule a day and experience stronger effects, plus, the capsules last longer! But the decision is yours! Both are dehydrated at 160 degrees. Please research both options yourself before making a decision as most of the information out there is purely anecdotal. There are no true scientific studies proving one way is better than another, you need to make the decision for yourself. I am not responsible for any negative effects from consuming your placenta.
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